Washable pillow sleeve with a little pocket for that lost tooth!  The pillow sleeve fits over a 16-inch ready-made pillow that is covered with our special pillow case.  Three boy-themed appliques included: Train, Alien and Truck.

Inside this pattern are three codes which can be used to view bonus videos online to demonstrate some of the techniques in this pattern.

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Take your pillow with you to the airport with no extra hassle! Keep it clean until you are ready to use it while hiding personal items inside the clever pockets. A travel must–backside sleeve can wrap around your luggage handle OR can be zipped up to use as another pocket.

Indulge yourself with dupioni silk with Silk Therapy for Pillows! Each pillow features a pillow sleeve over a slip-on pillow case covering a standard 16″ square pillow.

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Finally, a pillow case that is different from all the rest – real unique style! A standard pillow case with our popular pillow sleeve over the top. Comes with a handy pocket to hold that TV remote that use to get lost, but not anymore!

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Party favors and other fun stuff!

A standard pillow case cover by our classic Vanilla House pillow sleeve with a pocket for your cell phone is featured in this Slumber Party ensemble. Pattern includes a drawstring sand pack to hold loot, a cute little bag topper that fits over a standard gift bag, and eye covers for the slumbering party goers!

Uses rotary cutting techniques.