Web Site Usage. All pages and content are Copyright Vanilla House Designs with All Rights Reserved. Please link only to web pages; linking or hotlinking to images is restricted. Permission must be acquired from Vanilla House Designs before images may be copied for use in any other publication or web site, including eBay or other auctions or stores.

Finished Items for Sale. Many customers call or email us daily to find out if they can sell finished items from Vanilla House patterns (since the disclaimer on the pattern asks you to call for permission for any commercial uses). Thank you for that! I love talking and emailing with all of you, but it is finally time to simply address this issue on the website. Yes, you can sell finished items from Vanilla House patterns, with the following requirements. Here’s the policy:

1) You can sell finished items from Vanilla House patterns at local and area bazaars, craft shows, charities (we love helping the charities), and other local and area venues as well as advertising of these finished items from Vanilla House patterns in local and area advertisements.

2) We ask a limit of 25-30 items per pattern title per year. Call if you get to that limit to receive further instructions at that point.

3) Then please drop us a note in the mail with your name and address, the venue you are selling the items in and which Vanilla House items you are making to sale.

4) Please put a tag on your finished items stating “This item for sale using Vanilla House Designs is in compliance with their copyright policy via www.VanillaHouseDesigns.com”. The tag will help educate the environment that seeking permission and going through proper channels is important and must become the standard for all industry.This will be a campaign for all of us discretionary individuals wanting to keep free enterprise uncorrupted.

5) Most importantly, we do NOT allow the sale of finished items from Vanilla House patterns on the internet (like Ebay, Etsy, or personal websites) or in magazine publications. We do allow the sale of Vanilla House patterns themselves — since we are in the business of selling patterns — anywhere you like! We also would like to enlist everyone’s help in making sure that the copying of patterns does NOT happen!

[Why don’t we allow the sale of finished items on the internet or magazine publications? Our patterns are used to make unique and personalized items that the average person cannot find in a store (or via internet) anywhere in the world. This uniqueness is key to the satisfaction of our sewing pattern buyer. Allowing finished items from our patterns to be sold on a level that can be viewed by non-sewers anywhere in the world distracts from our mission. Please note also that we are receiving dozens of emails daily requesting the sale of finished items on the internet. Thank you all so much for asking! If we were to allow the sale of finished items on the internet from our patterns, our patterns would soon become obsolete. Thank you all for understanding!]

Thanks everyone for your compliance to our policies! You are all terrific!

Cheers, Barbara of Vanilla House Designs

Illegal Reproduction of Patterns. We want everyone to have a great sewing experience with the highest quality of authentic patterns. Our patterns are copyrighted and unauthorized photocopying or reproduction is prohibited by law. Our high quality patterns always have soft security staples installed in the instruction pages. Please be careful when buying patterns from eBay or other non-familiar sources — that you only buy authentic patterns. If you suspect that you have found a counterfeit pattern, please contact us with the details so that we might take immediate action.